Last weekend I was fortunate to have Rose visit the studio.  I had a few ideas and she was more than happy to accommodate.  I wanted to try some very low light images – with candles as the only source, play around with my new projector and some shattered mirrors.   Each set of images came with unique challenges.

It was tough figuring out the proper angles and quality of light with my first attempt a using the projector.  Thankfully Rose was very patient, and I think it paid off near the end of the set.  We managed to capture some rather unique images that let to more ideas in my head.

Angles played part of the shattered mirror shots too, however, by filling the frame with Rose, there was less chance of my mug slipping into a shot.  As happy as I am with these, I am only inspired to shoot more.

Finally, the candles… providing a warm dim light, allowed some very intimate, inviting shots.  I have a huge selection of wicked wax that will become part of many session to come.

I am always on the lookout for subjects to experiment with.  I have many ideas that I want to try.  If you are interested in being a muse for a few hours, drop me a line and we will see what we can create!